Juvenile Law

Effective Juvenile Law Services

Representation for Minors

Persons under the age of 18 years who commit criminal acts may be represented through their parents or legal guardians acting on their behalf. If your minor child has been accused of a crime, speak with a legal representative at Cronk & Waterman PLC today. The goal of the justice system with regard to minors is rehabilitation instead of punishment.

Juvenile Charges May Include

  • Juveniles accused of criminal conduct
  • Juveniles abused / neglected by their parents or in need of assistance from the state
  • Juveniles accused of a status offense

What Are the Status Offenses?

  • Truancy
  • Flight from home
  • Disobedience of reasonable parental controls
  • Illegal purchase of alcohol, tobacco or pornography

Juvenile Charges Are Quite Serious

Do not think that the crimes a child commits are less serious than if they were committed by an adult. They are just as serious, if not more. There is help available for your troubled child. We can help – call us today.
We are here to help your child. Give us a call today. FREE initial consultation. 
When your child is out of control, there is help available. Call our office today.
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