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Divorce and child custody cases are often extremely painful as they involve intimate relationships people have with each other and their children. When handling family law cases, attorneys at Cronk & Waterman PLC do their best to zealously advocate for their client's position while still recognizing that the parties need to find common ground so that they can communicate civilly once custody, visitation and support orders are in place. Let us assist you in beginning a new chapter in your life. Schedule your appointment today.

Do you believe that you have already worked out your family law issues and just need someone to "push the paper?" Do you wish to work out your family law issues without having to engage in the difficult process of litigation?

Flat Fee Arrangements

Oftentimes parties have already worked out the details of their divorce or child custody case and just need someone to assist them with the court process. If so, Cronk & Waterman PLC can often handle these cases for a low, flat fee.

Collaborative Process

In-court litigation can often create problems that did not exist before due to the adversarial nature of the process. If you and the other party desire to attempt to resolve your differences without resorting to the adversarial tactics inherent in the court system, Cronk & Waterman PLC has an attorney certified in the "collaborative process" of resolving family law disputes, which seeks to use mediation and other alternative dispute resolution techniques to achieve a fair, durable settlement of the parties' disagreements. To learn more about the collaborative process visit the Collaborative Lawyers of Eastern Iowa.
Family Law

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  • Divorce
  • Paternity and child custody
  • Child and spousal support
  • Child in need of assistance
  • Juvenile law
For answers to all of your family law questions – ask our skilled and experienced attorneys today. FREE initial consultation.
Natalie H. Cronk and Paul K. Waterman each have over ten years of experience and have handled hundreds of family law cases for their clients. Visit our office today! FREE parking available.
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